The measure of a successful Freight Brokerage can be determined by the statements of those who work there. We have some of the happiest, best paid independent Freight Broker Agents in the industry.

At Coastal we believe that the hard work of our independent agents deserves fair, impartial treatment and the best pay in the industry.

No question the job is difficult and stressful at times and our agents rise to the challenges to solve their customers logistics problems on a daily basis.

Read the standard testimonial our agents give us. Contact us, by filling out the form on our web site if you need further information on how you can become a part of our team or if you just want more information. We’re here to help you succeed as an independent freight broker agent.

Read the story of one of Coastal’s Freight agents, Does this sound like your story?

“…I was for working for the freight brokerage company “X” on a salary plus commission basis . No matter how hard I worked and how much freight I moved for our customers my commission checks never amounted to much. During this time I was an apartment dweller and rented my furniture. I lived from paycheck to paycheck and my family went without many things that most find necessary in this day and age. We sacrificed while the company I worked for did well and was quite prosperous.

While the situation was difficult at times for my family and myself at times, the bright side of the whole situation could be summed up in the fact that I did get the experience and contacts necessary to operate as an independent freight broker agent. I established great relationships with a couple of niche movers, waste disposal outfits, and some produce growers and wholesalers.

I had known the guys at Coastal for many years while I toiled away in obscurity working hard day in and day out. One day I met the guys at Coastal and we discussed the possibilities of working together. Coastal showed me that if I ran the same business I was currently running I could make four times my current income, this with my current customers. After some serious thought I made the decision to go with Coastal. Heck if I did a quarter of the business I was currently doing I would basically be in the same shape I was currently in, it was a no brainer, so I tracked down my own health insurance and benefits and decided to believe in my abilities to help shippers and carriers as a independent agent with Coastal.

When I look back I was a bit nervous stepping out on my own. Sure it was a risk. I believed in myself and my capability to build the business. Was it worth it? Emphatically I can “YES” if I had to do it again I would not change a thing, in fact I would have listened to the guys at Coastal much sooner and been there even sooner. Today I own a home, drive a new car, buy what I want for myself and my family. My family and I are very thankful that I work with such a great operation.

Lastly there are few things that I really like about working with Coastal. First, when the guys at Coastal say the are going to do something or take care of a matter you can carve it in stone, it’s as good as done. Second, Coastal is very responsive to my needs and I feel valued working with them, I feel like a part of their team. Third, Coastal is very easy to communicate and work with as well. I could not imagine working for or with another organization as a Freight Broker Agent.”

You know where you work and what you do on daily basis is truly one of the most important choices you will make in your lifetime. If you have the skill, work hard, and are dedicated to your customers you should consider joining our team.

Live and experience what our independent agents are saying about us, contact us and we will give you all the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

Don’t wait another minute change your life today.