If you ask anyone who works in the business they’ll tell you that the freight broker doesn’t have the easiest job in the world though it is a job that is very rewarding. In the typical day there’ are probably a million things going on at the Freight Agent’s office—customers are calling with new shipments, carriers are making deliveries, and the freight broker stays on top of all the action going on all in the office. If you think this might be an exaggeration, here’s a rundown of A Day in the Life of A Freight Agent with some tried and true ideas to help with the stress levels interspersed in between.

A Typical 3PL Day As A Freight Agent

The day starts early with a cup of coffee and a quick check to see if the computer is still running. After that the typical freight broker logs on to the websites that they’ll need in the course of the day and proceeds to check posted trucks, loads and phone messages. If this sounds like a fun and challenging way to start the day that’s because it is as most Freight Brokers love the action that surrounds their work environment and thrive on the challenges of coordinating shipments, pickups and deliveries.

As the morning moves into full swing the day starts to shape up for the freight broker. By early morning the freight agent is already starting to schedule appointments and soon after the trucks are starting to check in and make pickups and deliveries. By 10:00 am most of the morning appointments have been met.  Freight brokers are actively productive, efficient and maintain effective management of customer shipments and deliveries. Agents typically track any number of logistical operations on a daily basis and often work as an extension of the companies they serve.  Brokers use computers, white boards, phones and fax machines to manage their daily activities that integrate delivery schedules, loading and unloading of goods for customers. Coastal agents are an active extension of their customer’s businesses helping them by effectively managing their shipments on time and on budget.

Freight Agents think quick, manage time for both themselves and their loads.

Freight Agents naturally get to have lunch around noon, but right after that it’s back to work verifying that all of the pick ups that were scheduled for the morning were made, trying to match the afternoon freight with trucks, and giving out what seems like an endless stream of quotes and advice on moving shipments of goods from point A to B. Agents are masters of time and they plan and coordinate carefully for their customers. At Coastal our freight agents provide an invaluable service for their customers insuring product gets delivered on time and within budget.

At the end of your day as a freight agent, you’ll not only verify that all the pickups and deliveries were made in a timely manner but also have a good handle on how tomorrow will be shaping up in the channel.